Recent Alien Sightings in Area 51

Area 51 has been considered by many alien enthusiasts as the place where the government hides UFOs and alien life forms they have encountered over the years. Now that advanced technology has made it possible for the public to roam the world through the internet, netizens are free to inspect one of the most interesting areas in the whole world.

Alien Sighting Through Google Maps

Google Maps has led to a recent UFO findings via the internet. A netizen recently spotted a UFO in Area 51 that resembled the Millennium Falcon, the renowned Star Wars star ship. Scott Waring, founder of UFO Sightings Daily, saw some satellite imagery of a research facility being constructed around a ring-shaped object. He believes it to be a UFO. He divulged his findings through a YouTube video where he explained how netizens can find the exact location of the sighting. He quoted Bob Lazar who claimed to have worked in Area S4. According to him, the S4 facility is the “third dry lake left of Area 51.”

Waring added some tips on how to go back in history to see how the area has transformed since the year 1998. He encouraged netizens to use Google Maps’ Street View and find the coordinates 36°55’35.30″N 116° 0’25.41″W to locate the S4 hangar where the UFO was supposedly found. This intense interest in Area S4 was the motivation behind starting our Area S4 tour.

Waring further believes that the said site is just one of the many other government-funded facilities where alien experiments are carried out.

What Viewers Can See on Waring’s Video

The video shows an orbicular hangar that Waring believes to be housing the supposed UFO. The shape of the hangar perfectly corresponds to the shape of the flying saucer. The UFO hunter adds that the four adjoining buildings contain the air conditioning units that are used to cool down the alien object inside the main building. Other structures found nearby include an airstrip and a few radar towers.

One of Waring’s loyal fans shared in a comment: “My father was in naval intelligence for 30 years and always told me we have had these secret programs using alien tech and this just confirms it.”

This recent alien sighting renewed the excitement among alien enthusiasts. Some people, however, would not believe these things unless they see it with their own naked eyes.  Book an alien hunting tour with Planet XV today!

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