Do you look up at the night sky and wonder about us not being alone in the universe? We at Planet XV have that same feeling and are ready to show proof that our galaxy is teaming with activity. We are near Area 51 and will show you different entrance gates. 

Our Area 51 tour is a must for beautiful desert sightseeing and astronomical observation of the cosmos. Our tour guides will safely take you along the permitted public areas so you can witness UFO activity above the base. When booking an Area 51 tour with Planet XV, you can expect the unexpected.

Read on to learn more about our tours and uncover the hidden areas around Las Vegas, NV.

    The Hidden Secret Near Las Vegas, NV

        Whether you are a skeptic or an avid believer in extraterrestrial life, Planet XV is just the team you need to gain new perspectives on the world of UFOs and deep underground bases. Our tours will take you along the perimeters of Area 51 while highlighting iconic sights.

        Our tour guides will accommodate your personal needs so that you and your guests can enjoy a memorable experience. We also offer private tours with flexible scheduling and rates so that you can enjoy a variety of sites around Area 51. We take every precaution to ensure your safety and peace of mind throughout the tour.

        If you are ready to experience the mysteries behind the tales about Area 51 and see this secret base firsthand, connect with our team today and schedule your tour. For more information, visit our contact page.