Tour Limo Bus departure time is 2 ½ hours before sunset.  Today’s departure time is:
Friday, October 30th 2020 @ 3:15pm

Lookup Future Sunset Times

To determine your departure time, go to this link, and lookup your tour date.  Subtract 2 ½ hours from the sunset time to determine your Tour departure time.

Meeting/Drop Off Location

Gold Coast parking lot area behind the Casino, off Valley View Blvd.

Trip Duration

The entire Trip duration is approximately 6 hours.

Important Information

  • You must wear close-toed shoes such as sneakers or boots to avoid discomfort from rocks, sand and insects.
  • You must wear pants or jeans (no shorts or skirts)
  • You must bring a heavy jacket. The desert can be very cold at night, even during the summer.
  • During the 2.5 hr observation period there are no restrooms, lighting or electricity.  We will, however, make a Pit Stop for restrooms before and after the observation period.
  • Learn more about what to expect