PLANETXV UFO Sighting Trips

Learn about the trip, proper attire, and what to expect ?


PLANETXV provides free courtesy ride from Las Vegas to several locations known for UFO activities, including areas around the secret bases: Area 51 and Area S4.
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Meeting Location

Meet up and drop off take place at the parking lot behind Gold Coast Casino on Valley View Blvd.
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We provide light snacks and bottled water. Restrooms will be available during the trip. There will be an approximate 3 hrs between bathroom stops.

Trip Duration

Trip duration is approximately 6 hours and sky observation time is about 3 hours. Includes 2 Pit Stops for food & restrooms lasting around 30 minutes each.

Trip Location

Access to Area 51 and other government bases are strictly prohibited to the public. PLANETXV takes you to the closest possible access points for observation.
3 Trip Locations: Jean Dry Lake | Mercury, Nevada | Mt. Charleston


UFO sighting trips take place at night with the aid of military grade
night vision goggles, high-energy lasers, and extreme lowlight video camera feed.
Night Vision Goggles | High-Powered Laser


Please be considerate of other participants in the group. You will be
handling very expensive equipment that should be handled with care.


You must be at least 18 years old to
participate in a PLANETXV UFO sighting trip.


  • You must wear close-toed shoes such as sneakers or boots to avoid discomfort from rocks, sand and insects.
  • You must wear pants or jeans (no shorts or skirts).
  • You must bring a heavy jacket – The desert can be very cold at night, even during the summer.

Other Stuff

  • During the 3 hr observation period there are no restrooms, lighting or electricity.
  • Your internet and mobile phone signal may not work (depends on your carrier).
  • Temperatures may drop down to -10 Fahrenheit
    (-23  celcius) during winter.

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