The Coolest Area 51 Tour from Las Vegas

While many people still don’t believe in the existence of extraterrestrial beings, some alien enthusiasts have provided the public with evidence that these creatures are real. The government denies allegations by some people that they are hiding UFOs in the S4 facility in Area 51. The area is probably the most famous spot for alien enthusiasts all over the world.

Spotting a flying saucer can change your entire perception on how you view the world. We hope you don’t form a judgment without actually seeing for yourself. Luckily, the Las Vegas Area 51 tour can make this possible.

Book the Best Las Vegas Area 51 Tour

The best Las Vegas Area 51 tour from Planet XV happens when the sky is dark. The guests are picked up from the Gold Coast Hotel parking lot to begin their journey. Since sunset in Las Vegas varies throughout the year, there is no set time of departure.

The guests are taken to the vicinity of Area 51 in a luxurious 15-seat limousine. The trip to the main observation area takes a about 1 hour. While some parts of the ride may be a bit bumpy, the limo will make the guests comfortable. There will be one restroom stop on the way there, and another on the way back. The guide will share the most interesting top secret information about the history and geography of the area. The limousine also has a built-in TV where informative videos will be played.

The Las Vegas Area 51 tour final destination will depend on the weather conditions. According to a UFO Magazine article in September 2007, a certain Colonel X spotted a UFO hovering over the Nevada mountain ranges. The other main tour destination is Mercury, Nevada. It is where Harvey Caplan and other members of the Desert Skies Research Team (DSRT) reportedly saw an intense yellow light emanating from an object hanging motionless in the sky. These two sites are the most interesting areas for extraterrestrial enthusiasts.

The UFO hunting is done using night vision goggles which will be provided by the tour guide. An extreme low light video camera feed is also available inside the limousine. The night sky observation lasts for a couple of hours.

Don’t settle for YouTube videos of obscure and questionable sources. Experience UFO hunting for yourself. Join the coolest Area 51 Tour from Las Vegas. Book a tour now!

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